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Before cargo is loaded onto the airplane, it needs to be stored at a warehouse at the airport. The airport could be under the management of a CFS warehouse operator or a third party. At their destination, the goods will also need to be stored in the CFS warehouse until proper documentation is furnished to the CBP, which will then release the cargo to the public. The documentation required is what was previously known as AMS Air Manifest before it was upgraded to become the ACE Air eManifest.

The Container Freight Station typically provides AMS Air services to customs brokers and importers/forwarders. After taking custody of the shipments, they control and track the status of the cargo through Freight Status Notification Messages.

For non-consolidated shipments, the air waybill number is used as the in bond control number.

For consolidated shipments, the master air waybill and associated house airwaybills will also be required to be submitted to the CBP before the cargo is released from the CFS.

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